Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 Days of Flowers – Day 9 – Recycled Tile Designs

Recycle Old Ceramic Tiles with Odds and Ends

My awesome hard working husband always brings home extra goodies from his construction/handyman jobs. We tend to hold on to all of it. He might use it, I might use it, and we are equally bad at letting go of things. Well, I have been looking at this box of Italian Ceramic Tile leftovers for almost a year now - maybe longer.
Today I used some of them.

My first idea was to use flowered lace over the tile to get a nice design. I taped the lace to the back of the tile then used a light color (Robin Egg Blue) at first to paint over the lace. It was way too light and only  gave a rippled look to the tile. Then, I used a dark color and it produced the effect I was looking for. I think the next time I will use a solid light color underneath and then paint over the lace with the darker color.

Of course, once I started looking around I found all kinds of other goodies I could use to make designs on the tile. I really tried hard to stick to flowery designs, but my mind wandered. Of course, there is no end to my crafting madness once I get started. I am sure you know what I mean.

A bucket of old washers made a great design and I love the orange on the beige tile.


An old metal butterfly. 
I painted a light color first then painted over the top with the darker color. It ended up with almost a tie-dyed effect.

A Paper Doily

The possibilities are endless. 
A few hints: If you plan on using these as coasters or to hang on the wall you may want to use Kilz as your first layer and then clear coat over the dried end result.
Also, whatever you are using to paint over, make sure it is weighted down somehow so it doesn't slide when you paint.

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