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30 Days of Flowers - Day 3 - Newspaper Flowers

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30 Days of Flowers
Day 3:
Newspaper Flowers

Save your newspaper!!
These are not only easy to make, they cost very little. If you don’t subscribe to the newspaper or don’t want to purchase one, there are always freebies in your community that end of going to waste.

With a scallop punch and a brad, you end up with a pretty little flower.

You can either leave them as plain newspaper, or paint them as I did above.
The “funny” flowers are great for scrapbook projects such as birthday cards and journals.

I used my 50% off coupon for my Fiskars Punch at Michael’s. It has been such a great investment. It works wonderfully for these particular flowers and I have used it for many other projects as well. You could cut these out by hand, but they take a very long time. I thought I would save a few bucks and not buy the punch at first. Big mistake, they did not turn out as crisp and took FORever to complete.
I purchase my brads from Oriental Trading. They always have clearance items and I usually get a super great deal.

I use five punched flower pieces for each flower.
Put the five together, one on top of another then place the brad through the middle.

Once they all have the brad in securely, take each layer, starting with the top and pinch together with your thumb and pointer finger on each hand. Continue to do this until all the layers have been pinched. You will now have a nice fluffy flower.

These flowers have adorned many of the gifts I have given over the past year. My daughter made these into hair clips to give away at her birthday party.

The scallop flowers aren’t all you can do with newspaper. As many of you know, when you start crafting you get sidetracked. We made a couple of “loopy” type flowers and even some rolled up flowers. We only had a pencil so the loops are nearly as tight as they would be with a quilling tool, but it was a start and we will continue to experiment.

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