Saturday, June 2, 2012

30 Days of Flowers - Day 2 - Zip Tie Flowers

                                 Zip Tie Flowers Zip Tie Flowers 

30 Days of Flowers
Day 2:
Super Simple Saturday Craft
“Crafting with Zip Ties”

Well, it is almost midnight here in Arizona, but I still have time for day #2. It has been a long day and I am finally home after spending that last few hours in the ER with my daughter who just returned from Summer Camp with Pneumonia. She will be okay, at least that is what matters most.

So, this is a quick simple craft that I whipped up just to fill the gap for day 2. I promise day 3 will be posted a little earlier.
Did you know zip ties are cheap and easy to craft with?

These are available at the Dollar Tree.
Make a few loops connect them with tacky or hot glue then just throw on some bottle caps, buttons, paper etc. and you have an easy flower.

Zip Tie Flowers 
Zip Tie Flowers 
These could be used as:

·         Garden or Plant stakes
·         Hung from the ceiling as a decoration
·         Connected together to make a mobile
·         Christmas ornaments
·         Paste a picture of the grand kids on the front and slap a magnet on the back.
·         Scrapbook Embellishments
·         Flip Flop Decor

Not just flowers either. These are a few other things we made with the zip ties.

Zip Tie Flowers 
Butterflies, Angels and Dragonflies?? : )

The process is easy and they come in assorted sizes.

                           Zip Tie Flowers Zip Tie Flowers Zip Tie Flowers 
There you have it: Day 2.
Now to get some rest and watch over my daughter.
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  1. These are so lovely, Kathi! Sweet, happy and just made me smile. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the rest of your weekend (I've always dreamed of heading out west and southwest - Arizona and New Mexico in particular).