Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Roll up your shirt sleeves- or just cut them off!

I found a couple of nice shirts/sweaters at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and have been staring at them wondering what I can turn them into. Yesterday morning I slipped the sleeves over the top of some mason jars and realized I wouldn’t have to sew much and could have some pretty containers for my stuff.
I had one wide mouth jar and one standard size jar that had been staring at me from the cupboard for months now. I didn’t get to can anything this year since I was working during what would have been our harvest season, so I have extras this year. I didn’t want to paint them or alter them so much that I couldn’t use them in the future if I wanted to, so I figured a little glue on the outside wouldn’t hurt too much. 
This sweater was $1.00 and it has knitted lace over the top of regular sweater knit material. At first I put the lace over the jar by itself and although I liked it, I felt like it needed something else. I also found a cute flower print dress at another yard sale for $.25 so I cut a piece from that to place under the lace. It really added to the effect, I think. Then I just slipped the sleeve over the jar from the bottom and trimmed and glued the ends in tightly so it would sit evenly on the shelf.

I gathered the two fabrics together at the mouth and added some embellishments.

I will probably make a match soon, but you know how crafting goes…you get on one project and it takes you off in another direction.

So, I wanted something a bit bolder for the other jar and used yet another garage sale shirt $.50 which I had already cut into for something else. I realized the sleeve on this shirt was still intact and had a cuff at the end which would look great on the jar.

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