Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Tree - Made from Recycled Items

Here is a TUTORIAL if you would like to make one of these. It takes a bit of time and some basic supplies, you may already have lying around

Halloween went well last night and my thoughts are already on to Christmas. Yesterday while grabbing my last minute bags of candy, I spied one of those spiral type Christmas trees. I came home inspired and tried to recreate it. It didn't work.

I pondered on it all night, then this morning I had another idea. I still couldn't get the spiral like the Walgreens tree, but I came up with this alternative instead. As usual, my projects have to be made with whatever I have lying around and if you click the tutorial link you will see what I pulled from my recycling stash to make this.
*** See the link below for the inspiration for the tree topper.****

I wish I had a better camera...or...maybe could learn how to use mine. : ) One more thing to add to the

Here is my supply list:
·         20 -25 (16 oz.) Plastic Water Bottles - Empty
·         1 (44 oz.) Styrofoam cup
·         1 (1 qt. carton) I used a Silk Milk Carton
·         1 Empty Soda Box or Similar thickness cardboard
·         Sand or Rocks
·         Scissors
·         1 can of spray paint
·         1 piece of metallic tissue paper
·         1 Tall/Wide Drinking Straw
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  1. You have some neat ideas. Please come by our linky party www.mun-emakingblogs.blogspot.com

  2. I think this is brilliant and unique! I can't wait to make one(time is such an adversary)someday! I would also love for you to share this at Wednesday's blog party! I think this should be featured!

  3. Thanks D! I will definitely stop by. I am working on taking some better pictures and also making one in a different color. Maybe I will finish by Wednesday. I appreciate the comments!! They make my day brighter : )