Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have been busy with kid stuff over the past week or so. With Halloween came the annual pumpkin contest at school. My daughter Meagan always comes up with some kind of character. One year was a mouse, last year was Garfield and this year it was Angry Birds. She did all the work herself. She has become quite crafty.
The following day she brought home a blank turkey to decorate. We figured out something together with what we had around the house and then she finished it off with a balloon for the “wattle”.  We used our over abundant supply of shopping bags once again, for the “feathers” and added in some fall leaves for extra color.  My friends and family are always donating extra bags and craft goodies to me so we try to put them to good use. I do try to use the cloth bags when we go to the store...really I do.
Pardon my mixer in the background…lol…sometimes my counter is the only place I have to craft.
We also had a birthday party for my youngest over the weekend and my in-laws surprised me with cake and ice cream as well. Our birthdays are only a week apart and I always try my best to avoid being the center of attention...ugh...especially since this is my 40th coming up. I guess it is inevitable.
On to other things..... 

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