Monday, September 26, 2011

Recycled Halloween Fun--Spontaneous Crafting

We have started creating for Halloween.
I love to recycle, so as a family we came
up with these cute ideas so far.

The "Haunted House" is a spray painted Heineken box.  The Tin Can Monsters were super easy and we had most of the supplies already.(Saw something similar to these on the Family Fun Magazine Site". The Hanging Ghost Trio we made from a Pizza Hut box. See below for closeups.

These three little ghosties were super easy to make. We had Pizza Hut pizza the night before and that cardboard box inspired me. Plus, I don't yet have a scroll saw, so I have to improvise. (hint hint...honey) : )

I found a ghost pattern in an old magazine I liked and made a template then cut three out of the box. I painted one side white and the other side black.

After they dried I used my Micron pens to draw all the details. We had a bag of scrapbooking cutouts which we used to decorate them even more. I hung different sized ropes on the back with a button glued over the top of the rope connection to hide the glue.

We also outlined them in thin rope which was also in my scrapbox. It finished them off quite a bit better, I think. The cardboard tends to have torn or rough edges.  They hung nicely in my little Halloween corner.

I am going to try bats and other figures next time. ...what was the number to Pizza Hut?? type of cardboard would work I am sure.

Okay for the Heineken Haunted House this is what we did. Now I know we could have made it even better or perhaps added a little fence with a graveyard. I am working on that as we speak. But, this was our first attempt. I added this pic and brightened it a bit so you could see the logo bleeding through. It doesn't really show in the corner I have it in, but probably could have used one more coat of paint. Of course, my husband enjoys seeing it, so what the heck. Yes...he loves Heineken, yes we have been to Amsterdam and yes we visited the Heineken factory (It was a wonderful trip)..I assume there will be more projects in the future with bottles, caps and boxes so be prepared. : )

He always opens the box in the front, so that provides me with a little "ramp". I left the edges rough, because I thought it added some authenticity. We added little decorations from the dollar store and my scrap booking cutout bag. Stuffed black grocery bags and purple tissue paper inside.

The felt covered paper mache softball pumpkin was easy to do. Actually, the softball was only the softball guts, as my almost 1 year old puppy chewed the crud out of it. That is why we "re-shaped" it a bit prior to covering it.

I found the leaves at the dollar store. I always pick up seasonal stuff and have it stored away for "who knows what" and it worked to cover the handle hole on the top.  I am sure some of you out there can come up with a better way to do this, but this was just a spontaneous first attempt.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to gather all the bits and pieces of your lives and make lasting memories.

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