Monday, September 26, 2011

In the Beginning

Welcome to our life.
We are the Cayer family; A non-traditional kind of blended family.We all love to create. My husband comes from a long line of carpenters and creators.I grew up crafting with all kinds of misc materials and have tried to pass that one to my family as well. We have 5 children and as they have grown they have all shown their ability to create as well. I am so proud.

It has been a long time since we have devoted a great deal of time to our crafting passion, but I am now a stay-at-home mom...for the time watch out! We have the crafting bug. Every milk carton, bottle cap, toilet paper roll and aluminum can are now carefully scrutinized before they are tossed in the recycle bin. I have dug out all my old supplies and crafting magazines, and we have begun.

I hope to share with other fellow crafters, make some friends and as always, learn something new each day.

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