Monday, September 26, 2011

Meagan's 12th Birthday-Recycled T-Shirt Goodie Bags

So, I am getting all my blogging done in one day. I have a few more minutes before the older kiddos start getting home from school.

Last year we had a pool party at the house and it was absolutely crazy but fun. This year I wanted to do something that was...well....easier. We ended up at Laser Tag. However, Meagan, who also loves to craft wanted to do something unique for her goodie bags. I could have purchased them for $3.99 per child, but I caved and crafted instead.

This is what we ended up with.

Recycled T-Shirt Birthday Goodie Bags

We made some into drawstring bags and others we cut the sleeves down to make “handles” and made flowers out of the sleeve material and tried to coordinate and contrast them with the other t-shirts.
Yes, I left the tags on…I am all about authenticity. These were very easy to do and cost me very little. The t-shirts I found at goodwill/garage sales.  I just sewed the bottoms shut, sewed the sides on some of them to give a better shape to the bag, and then constructed the flowers by basting a strip and connecting them. I used strips of t-shirt “yarn” to roll up in the middle of the flower and attached them with a few stitches.

The night before the party two of her friends "randomly" showed up and ended up staying the night. So, in addition to her party at Stratum Laser Tag, she ended up with a mini slumber party too. The girls stood up late working on crafts. Oh ...and attempted to dye their hair with food didn't work too well. Thank goodness, or I would have had some explaining to do.

Happy Birthday Meagan we love you!!

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