Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CAN---dy Corn and Mummies

Fall is upon us. Halloween is coming. Use up your scraps and tin cans to make something fun.

These were quick and easy. My supply list included:

  • Tin Cans (Soup Cans)
  • Yarn and Tarn (T-shirt yarn)
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue
  • Wire
  • Drill or Awl 

Step 1: Peel the label off of your can, wash and dry it thoroughly.

Step 2: Use your 1/8 or 1/4 inch drill bit or awl to poke one hole on each side of your can if you want to put a wire handle on it. 

Step 3: Start winding the yarn or tarn around the can. For the mummy it is okay to overlap it and in fact you want to end up with a raised "X"  pattern in the front of the can. '  For the candy corn either one layer or multi layer the yarn.

Step4. Tuck the yarn under when you are finished. You can use a small amount of Elmer's glue if needed. I would not use hot glue with the yarn. It is a mess...we found out the hard way.

Step 5: Apply your googly eyes with tacky or Elmer's glue.

Step 6. Cut a desired length of wire, curl it around a pen or pencil and insert the ends into the can where you drilled the holes. Pull the curls apart a bit to give you the size handle you want.

Step 7: Fill your mummies or Can-dy corn cans with goodies and hand them out, or use them as vases, display items etc.

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun crafting this fall season.


  1. i love the candy corn one! too cute! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  2. These are adorable! good to see you back again my friend!
    Thanks for linking.